11 Reasons Why Businesses Need a Website

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Having a website for your business is becoming increasingly important in this day and age.  In short, it’s a valuable asset for any business and something that no business should be without.

If you’re not convinced that a website is a necessary investment for your business, then read on to learn more about the benefits it can provide.

Here are 11 reasons why your business should have one…

Digital storefront

A website is like having a brick and mortar store, but without the overhead costs of real estate or staff that a physical location requires. You can promote products and services on your website that you offer at your business, giving customers the opportunity to buy them directly. 

However, you will need a payment system (like PayPal or Stripe) and the ability to process transactions securely before accepting payments online – or consider offering contact details to make purchases offline.

Reach new customers

With businesses operating online more than ever, it’s easy for potential customers to find out about your business and what you have to offer. But if you don’t have a website and they can’t find you – how will they know? 

Having one gives them an opportunity to explore your products or services, read about your company and get to know what you’re all about. You can use content marketing to attract prospects with blog posts that are of interest to your existing customers, potential customers, or both – helping you grow your customer base.

Post updates anytime

You don’t have to wait for a change of season, a promotion or your business to be featured in the local paper to start telling your story. You can post updates and news about your company at any time. 

This helps build trust with current customers, attract potential customers and keep them interested in what you do – which means they’ll come back for more (or better still, tell their friends about you too).

Differentiate from your competitors

A well-designed website can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to set themselves apart from the competition. Not only does it make your business look professional and credible, but it can also help you to communicate your unique selling points to potential customers. 

In addition, a well-optimized site can help your business rank higher in search engine results pages, which can bring more traffic to your site. 

Improve brand awareness

A website is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve brand awareness and create customer loyalty. By providing customers with detailed information about your company and its products or services, it can help you to establish trust and credibility with potential customers. 

A website can also be used to improve customer service by providing a forum for customer feedback and questions. Customers can leave comments or questions about your products or services on your website, and you can respond directly. This allows you to collect valuable feedback from customers and improve your customer service.

Create an online presence for your business

Customers today are doing their research online before they make any purchase decisions. When it comes time for them to buy, customers will typically go with the brands and products they’re most familiar with. 

Therefore, it’s important your business has a strong online presence. If it is easy to navigate and provides valuable information, customers will be more likely to visit your website again in the future. 

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Drive more traffic to your business

A website can bring you more qualified leads by reaching out to your target audience. A well thought-out design will allow for increased customer conversion rates which can lead to growth of revenue and profits for your business. 

It will also have the ability to show your location on Google maps which can make it easier for customers to find you, no matter where they are. Furthermore, connecting your website to Google Analytics will enable you to track customer behavior patterns and data, which can give you insight into which services or products they are most interested in.

Increase online conversions

Having a website will help increase the number of customers who shop at your store, whether it’s during business hours or through an online sale. It is key to converting prospects into paying customers. Your site must be user friendly and provide all of the information that your prospects are looking for. 

You can post advertisements, coupon codes, or other promotional materials in order to generate interest among potential customers. This will increase the percentage of visitors who buy, which can lead to more revenue and profits for your business. 

Attract your ideal customers

It can also help to filter out poor potential customers. By targeting your ideal customers you can ensure that only people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer will take the time to visit your site. 

This means that you’ll be spending your time and energy marketing to people who are actually interested in what you do, which is a lot more effective than marketing to everyone!

Securely transfer any confidential information

When it comes to transferring confidential information, a website can be a more secure option than other methods such as email. This is because they use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which is a protocol that helps to ensure the privacy and security of data transferred between the server and the browser. 

In addition, they can also be password-protected, so only authorized users can access the information.

Display your reviews, awards and achievements

One great way to use a website to show off your company’s achievements is by displaying reviews, awards and achievements. You could do this by including a section on your homepage that highlights what others have to say about using your service. 

It’s a great way to let potential customers know that you’re an award-winning business and that they can trust you to deliver quality products or services.


With traditional advertising, it can be hard to measure the exact return on investment (ROI). 

With a website at your disposal, you don’t have that problem. You can directly track how many people visit your site and what they did when they got there by using Google Analytics.

If you are in business, then your company website is vital to its success. Having a well-designed site is an important marketing tool – and businesses without websites are missing out on these opportunities to help grow their profits.


Take the first step towards getting your business online by booking a call today. 

Strategy Web Design will help you build a website with all the features you need to drive more leads and sales for your business.

11 Reasons Why Businesses Need A Website
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11 Reasons Why Businesses Need A Website
A website is one of the most important investments a company can make. Here are eleven reasons why your business needs a website.
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